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Sports Therapy Services

What Sports Therapy entails, what we offer and how this can help you recover from your injury. 

Medical Consultation


  • Assess your injury and the factors affecting your pain and dysfunction.

  • Work with you to set goals for your return to full fitness.

  • Create exercise-based rehabilitation programmes tailored to meet your goals and needs.

  • Provide hands-on treatments to help settle your symptoms and aid your recovery. 



  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Soft Tissue Release

  • Spinal Mobilisations

  • Joint Mobilisations

  • Sports Taping (Rigid taping and Kinesio Taping)

Pouring Massage Oil


We offer massage sessions to help you prepare for or recover from an event. Alternatively, if you would like a bit of downtime to relax and ease any aching muscles this is perfect for you.

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