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Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

Initial Assessments

In our initial consultations, we aim to provide you with the care you need to either prevent, or recover from, an injury. Our thorough assessments will help us initially gain an excellent understanding of the issues surrounding your injury and allow us to work together to form a constructive plan to get you back to full fitness.

No two injuries are the same. That is why it is important for us to be thorough in your first session and we will discuss your injury in depth before we get hands on. We will then perform objective tests to support our initial hypotheses and discover any weaknesses or particular movements that aggravate your symptoms.

From this, we can discuss your diagnosis, expectations, goals, how to adapt aspects of your daily life and sporting activities to benefit your recovery and provide you with a relevant home exercise programme that is individual to you.  

Follow Up Sessions

Your follow-up sessions are used to assess your progress and provide relevant treatment to help you. We will evaluate your home exercise programme and adapt and progress exercises where relevant.

We will also provide you with hands on treatment where appropriate. This may include deep tissue massage, joint mobilisations or sports taping depending on your specific needs. 

Home Exercise Programmes

We now use RehabGuru to help you with your home-based exercise programme.


  • Video demonstrations of your exercises

  • Descriptions of how to perform your exercises (including sets, reps, intensity etc)

  • RehabGuru app available for easy access to your programme

  • Improves motivation to stick to your plan.

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