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Sports Massage

Block Booking Sessions

Our highly regarded sports and deep tissue massage is provided in 25-minute and 50-minute sessions, depending on your requirements. You can now book a block of 50-minute massage sessions at a discounted price:

  • 3 sessions - £38 per session

  • 5 sessions - £35 per session

  • 10 sessions - £30 per session. 

You can book single massage sessions online here and if you would like to book a block of sessions, please contact Tom directly on     T: 07534124848     E:

What to Expect

To prepare for your sports massage, we please ask that customers bring a towel and dress in appropriate sports wear that can easily reveal the areas that you require massaging.


Your therapist may ask you to remove certain items of clothing if this is required but will leave the room while you do so to give you privacy.

When Can Sports Massage Help

  • Assist the recovery of certain muscle-related injuries

  • Aid recovery following endurance events or during a training period in preparation for an event

  • Help relieve tension-related headaches

  • Massage or any other manual therapy technique used alone will not fix an injury and so if injured, it is advised that you book in for an initial assessment with Tom.

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